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Silver Power Medical is a 100% Black-owned South African company with international links, a level 1 BBBEE contributor. We specialize in
re-selling and distributing advanced medical supplies and functional medical dressings, silver antibacterial and biological antibacterial technologies through partnership with one of the most biggest professional and trusted manufacturers of advanced medical dressing in the world, Shenzhen Yuanxing Pharmaceutical. We continue to work with other leading medical manufacturers in the world.

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Immune Silver (Immune Boosting)

There is no known bacteria or virus that can live in the presence of Immune Silver. It kills all known viruses, it is antiviral and antibacterial.Immune Boosting drops may advance the quality of life as it enhances the life or vital forces by improving the body's own capacity to heal. Immune Silver is a homeopathic remedy to be used as a supplement. Homeopathy is a very safe and gentle method of healing.

N95 3 PLY Disposable Face Mask

Ear Loop 3Ply disposable face mask does not have septic disinfection. It is blue in color and has a net weight of 27.7~2.9g. This mask can be used by ordinary people outside hospitals.

Surgical Masks

Ear Loop 3Ply Surgical mask is commonly used by doctors and nurses in operation rooms. It is blue in color and has a net weight of 2.8~3g. This mask has Aseptic disinfection.

3 PLY Medical Face Mask

Ear Loop 3PLY Medical Mask. This mask is blue in color and has "Aseptic Disinfection". It can be used by doctors and nurses in hospitals and public areas. It has a new weight of 2.8~3g.

Disposable Protective Face Shield

This protective shield is blue in color and has a weight of 45g

Disposable Non-Sterilized Isolation Suit

This protective suit is the Non-Sterilized disposable isolation suit.

Hospital Disposal Bin Kit

The Hospital Disposal Bin Kit is used at the hospitals and public places. It comes in different sizes and colors

Disposal Medical Overshoes

These medical overshoes is blue in color and has a carton weight of 9,5kgs. Its size is 38x50cm

Medical Disposal Isolation Goggles

These isolation googles have a clear color and its size is 195x94x64mm

Medical Disposal Examination Gloves

The glove on your left side is described as a PVC examination glove and that on the right is a Nitrile examination glove.

KN95 Mask With Valve

This N95 Face Mask with Valve has a carton dimension of 67x58x38cm

Infrared Thermometer DT-8861

This is a medical thermometer that can be used to measure body temperature and or room temperature

Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer

We offer a variety of Hand Sanitizers (with 75% alcohol), Surface Disinfectant, Waterless gel hand sanitizer and Anti-bacterial hand soap.Quantities ranges from 300ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 25L and 1000L.

Isolation Gowns

It is the protective apperel used to protect patients and doctors from the transfer of microorganisms and body fluids in patient isolation situations.

N95/N99 Protective Mask

N95/N99 Protective/Medical Mask is commonly used by ordinary people in public places and in hospitals and it is white in color.


The following testing kit can be used to test an indivisual for Covid-19.

RNA auto-extraction instrument

The EasyNAT2.0 platform, consists of an instrument and a disposable cartridge. “Sample-in, result-out”.It shows resuls in 80 minutes time, including sample lysis, RNA extraction, target amplification and real time fluorescent detection. All performed in a closed cartridge, automatically. All reagents, including enzymes,they are pre-loaded and the user needs to only add samples.

Sample collection and preservation(Throat Swab)

When testing for COVID-19 this is used to gently wipe the bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and the posterior pharyngeal wall simultaneously with two plastic rod swabs of polypropylene fiber head, immerse the swab head in a tube containing 3ml of sampling solution, discard the tail, and tighten the tube cap tightly.

Automatic extraction, amplification and detection of virus(POCT)

When testing for COVID-19 this instrument is used for amplification and automatic extraction and detection of the virus.

Diposable Sterilized Isolation Suit

This is a sterilized disposable isolation suit.

Medical Disposal Protective Suit Non-Sterilized & Sterilized

The suit on the left is the Non-Sterilized disposable protective suit and the one on the right is the Sterilized disposable protective suit.

Empty Spray Bottles 500ml

It can used to contain hand sanitizers, liquid hand soup and disinfectants.

Infrared Thermometer FT-80

This is a medical thermometer that can be used to measure body temperature and or room temperature

Disinfection Channel with Intelligent Temperature Measurement

The Disinfecting channel can be used to keep people safe in public areas like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, banks etc. How it works is that a person walks in and then they get their temperature measured by a face recognition/ infrared body temperature measurement instrument. At the same time they can sanitize their hands. After temperature measurement and hand sanitization they will walk through the channel as it sprays their entire body with disinfectants to ensure that they are wholly disinfected before they go into the organisation.

Hemorr Relaxed

This ion piles/ haemorrhiods products comprises silver ions, carbomer and purified water. The active ingredients are high-activity silver ions, which have a broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and can effectively suppress the growth and reproduction of fungi and bacteria and promote the piles.


Instructions for diagnostic kit for Corona Virus

Disinfection Channel with Temperature Measurement

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